sobota, 28 sierpnia 2010


After hard work it's time for holidays... finally... I was waiting for it for such a long time... I'd like to show you some picks taken in Washington.  It's an amazing city. I thought it's gonna be boring but ... no way.  From one hand, you can feel the political atmosphere in the air,but from the other hand there is a lovely district called Georgetown, full of bookstores, little vintage shops, cafes and restaurants. Great place to spend a lovely afteroon.
My outfit is nothing special but it's really comfortable for such a crazy tourist like me. I don't know if I told ya but I love traveling... I'm crazy abaut it and I usually  spent the whole day and night out of hotel, visiting intresting places. Btw I wanted to show you my new sandals as well. Have a nice day and see ya soon in Ny. xoxo

blazer - no name
shirt - my boyfriend's
shorts - terranova
bag - reserved
sandals -nine west
                            - owl - body central
        necklases    - silver - new yorker
                                     - the other one - my mum's

me &  my precious

piątek, 6 sierpnia 2010

Old cadillac

I love old cars... they are amazing. That's why I just had to show U these pics taken a few days ago... Hope U like them and my new skirt as well. As I warned U my new vintage bag is here again  too :))
Just a short post. I'm going back to work in a minute.... have a nice afternoon...  xoxo

top - h&m
blazer - Isabella Rodriguez
skirt - marshall's, no name
shoes- h&m
bag - vintage
necklace - body central

czwartek, 5 sierpnia 2010

new treasure

OMG.... It's been ages since I last posted something... So here it is, my new post.. I'm sorry for my absence but I've been abroad for over 2 months and I have access to internet only from time to time.

Today I would like to show you my new treasure which I found on the flea market. I don't want to be cocksure but I think it's gorgeous. The best thing is that I paid for it only $2!!! I love it. Please forgive me but I'm sure you gonna see it very very very often here..