wtorek, 18 maja 2010

ordinary day...

Oh... I just can't believe that I'm so active about my blog...  Maybe the weather is the reason... It's raining cats and dogs... I'm sitting home alone and I'm a little bit bored so I'm putting some pics taken in the mornig. It's nothing special... just an ordinary daily outfit. By the way... Where is the SUN????????

jacket - new yorker
shirt - zara (my boyfriend's)
skirt - reserved
bracelets - from Spain
necklace- h&m
shoes - bershka

poniedziałek, 17 maja 2010


n Saturday I was celebrating my friend's Bday. It was fantastic. I met many old friends, who I haven't seen for ages... good old times came back.. Here are some picks of my party outfit in my new blouse which I've founded in a second hand. Sorry for my stupid funny faces. I'm not a good model...

Blouse - second hand
skirt - Reserved
shoes - Bershka

piątek, 7 maja 2010

Little walk..

I do love walking after the rain. The air is so fresh and it smells wonderful. Everything is so clear. You can feel that it's spring. So today  I went for a little walk after the rain with my brother...

                                                    blouse  - second hand
                                                    skirt - Reserved
                                                    shoes - h&m

środa, 5 maja 2010

Zebra style

For over half of the year I've been crazy about zebra motif... I've already had zebra suitcase, bag, shorts and wellingtons.I know that I'm a freak but I'm thinking about buying zebra heels now... hmmm. Please let me know when I overstate...

                                           suitcase - Japanda      
                                           wellingtons - Aldo
                                           bag - Reserved