czwartek, 6 października 2011

Champion sound

Have I told ya how much do I love summer? Of course I have..
The temperature is getting lower and lower now .... leaves are changing their colours.. outumn is coming... yes yes I know. It has already came... Don't even remind me... I know that so far the weather is really good or rather extremely good... and I don't have any reasons to complain abaut and actually I should be happy abaut new season and new trends BUT!!!! it's still outumn and if we have outumn it means it's less days till winter, which I don't really like.... ok the end of complaining! To feel better I'm going this weekend to visit my friends in Greece. Can't wait. see ya in one week.

btw burgund colour bewitched me as well, as much as Crystal Fighters. I adore their album "Star of love", especially the song "Champion sound".

Have a nice day


Sweater - Asos- sh
Dress - Reserved
Bag - Blanco
Shoes - H&m
Necklace - H&m old one