poniedziałek, 17 stycznia 2011

Is it spring?

Oh weather was great today. It wasn't sunny but it was warm and there was something in the air... it's difficult to describe it but  I felt like... spring is coming! yupi! I know you think I'm crazy, I know that there is at least 1 month of winter left... but  from today I'm waiting for spring and spring trends :)) Here my first spring inspiration... Anna Sui spring summer 2011

Anna Sui Spring Summer 2011 collection

Anna Sui SS 2011

Anna Sui Summer 2011

Btw.. in one week I'm moving to Madrid for a couple of months... Have you ever been to Madrid? I'll be grateful for all your advices abaut interesting places, cafes, shops, bookstores etc.
 I think I should start packing now.... aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! what to take if you're going for 5 months? everything? :))