niedziela, 5 grudnia 2010

walk in the sun...

Lately I realized that I'm addicted to the sun.... I love sunny weather even if it's freezing... so in the morning when it was -18 I went for a walk with my mum... Btw I'm at home... visiting my parents.. I feel so safe and comfy here..  I don't want to go back to W.  I'm gonna have a terrible week... terrible, busy and terrible... and even worse...  I wish I could stay at home under my blanket with a cup of tea... mmmmm. Am I childish? hope not..
Hava a nice Sunday... xoxo

hat - my grannie's
jeans - zara
coat - sh
scarf -sh
dress -sh
bag - local shop +diy

środa, 1 grudnia 2010

Let it snow..

During winter I can't live without my thermal mug.... OMG it saves my life when I'm freezing...
Today when it was -9... I started my mug season.. Cheers! :))

gloves - my mum's
sweater - sh
belt- reserved
dress - promod
mug - volvo

środa, 10 listopada 2010

back to school times..

I didn't have to wear a uniform at school but I always wanted to... I know U think I'm crazy... kids usually hate uniforms... :)) but not me... here something which reminds me school times.. have  a nice day xoxo

coat - sh
bag -vintage
heels - Via Roma
blouse - reserved + diy

poniedziałek, 11 października 2010

Autumn mood....

Lately I'm not in a best mood... I don't know what's goin on with me.... maybye it's autumn... the end of summer.  Despite of being rather cold, last week was really sunny... but even that didn't change my autumn mood....
Ok That's it!!  Stop complanin' girl!!!
How do U guys fight with  your autumn moods? Be sure to tell me.. :)) Have a nice evening! xoxo

sheepskin jacket - found in the attic (my mom's)
blouse - sh
heels - nine west
bag - terranova
necklace - old clock found in the attic + diy

Photos by Moni
thx :*

wtorek, 14 września 2010

Blue dress and the city...

NY is the most amazing city I've ever been to... I still can't believe I was there... 
Please forgive me but I can't find words to describe how wonderful it is... You just have to see it and feel it.... 

dress - zara
belt - sh
top- Abercrombie&Fitch

sobota, 28 sierpnia 2010


After hard work it's time for holidays... finally... I was waiting for it for such a long time... I'd like to show you some picks taken in Washington.  It's an amazing city. I thought it's gonna be boring but ... no way.  From one hand, you can feel the political atmosphere in the air,but from the other hand there is a lovely district called Georgetown, full of bookstores, little vintage shops, cafes and restaurants. Great place to spend a lovely afteroon.
My outfit is nothing special but it's really comfortable for such a crazy tourist like me. I don't know if I told ya but I love traveling... I'm crazy abaut it and I usually  spent the whole day and night out of hotel, visiting intresting places. Btw I wanted to show you my new sandals as well. Have a nice day and see ya soon in Ny. xoxo

blazer - no name
shirt - my boyfriend's
shorts - terranova
bag - reserved
sandals -nine west
                            - owl - body central
        necklases    - silver - new yorker
                                     - the other one - my mum's

me &  my precious

piątek, 6 sierpnia 2010

Old cadillac

I love old cars... they are amazing. That's why I just had to show U these pics taken a few days ago... Hope U like them and my new skirt as well. As I warned U my new vintage bag is here again  too :))
Just a short post. I'm going back to work in a minute.... have a nice afternoon...  xoxo

top - h&m
blazer - Isabella Rodriguez
skirt - marshall's, no name
shoes- h&m
bag - vintage
necklace - body central

czwartek, 5 sierpnia 2010

new treasure

OMG.... It's been ages since I last posted something... So here it is, my new post.. I'm sorry for my absence but I've been abroad for over 2 months and I have access to internet only from time to time.

Today I would like to show you my new treasure which I found on the flea market. I don't want to be cocksure but I think it's gorgeous. The best thing is that I paid for it only $2!!! I love it. Please forgive me but I'm sure you gonna see it very very very often here..

wtorek, 18 maja 2010

ordinary day...

Oh... I just can't believe that I'm so active about my blog...  Maybe the weather is the reason... It's raining cats and dogs... I'm sitting home alone and I'm a little bit bored so I'm putting some pics taken in the mornig. It's nothing special... just an ordinary daily outfit. By the way... Where is the SUN????????

jacket - new yorker
shirt - zara (my boyfriend's)
skirt - reserved
bracelets - from Spain
necklace- h&m
shoes - bershka

poniedziałek, 17 maja 2010


n Saturday I was celebrating my friend's Bday. It was fantastic. I met many old friends, who I haven't seen for ages... good old times came back.. Here are some picks of my party outfit in my new blouse which I've founded in a second hand. Sorry for my stupid funny faces. I'm not a good model...

Blouse - second hand
skirt - Reserved
shoes - Bershka

piątek, 7 maja 2010

Little walk..

I do love walking after the rain. The air is so fresh and it smells wonderful. Everything is so clear. You can feel that it's spring. So today  I went for a little walk after the rain with my brother...

                                                    blouse  - second hand
                                                    skirt - Reserved
                                                    shoes - h&m

środa, 5 maja 2010

Zebra style

For over half of the year I've been crazy about zebra motif... I've already had zebra suitcase, bag, shorts and wellingtons.I know that I'm a freak but I'm thinking about buying zebra heels now... hmmm. Please let me know when I overstate...

                                           suitcase - Japanda      
                                           wellingtons - Aldo
                                           bag - Reserved