niedziela, 5 grudnia 2010

walk in the sun...

Lately I realized that I'm addicted to the sun.... I love sunny weather even if it's freezing... so in the morning when it was -18 I went for a walk with my mum... Btw I'm at home... visiting my parents.. I feel so safe and comfy here..  I don't want to go back to W.  I'm gonna have a terrible week... terrible, busy and terrible... and even worse...  I wish I could stay at home under my blanket with a cup of tea... mmmmm. Am I childish? hope not..
Hava a nice Sunday... xoxo

hat - my grannie's
jeans - zara
coat - sh
scarf -sh
dress -sh
bag - local shop +diy

środa, 1 grudnia 2010

Let it snow..

During winter I can't live without my thermal mug.... OMG it saves my life when I'm freezing...
Today when it was -9... I started my mug season.. Cheers! :))

gloves - my mum's
sweater - sh
belt- reserved
dress - promod
mug - volvo