piątek, 23 grudnia 2011

We own the sky....

We can do whatever we want to.. we can be whoever we want to...we can go whereever we want to..
we own the sky.. all we need is courage... I'm still a coward...
Merry Christmas everybody... xx

coat - sh
sweater - found in dad's closet
skirt - Bershka
bag - Springfield
earrings- made by my friend, thx Maria :*

M83- We own the sky...

czwartek, 6 października 2011

Champion sound

Have I told ya how much do I love summer? Of course I have..
The temperature is getting lower and lower now .... leaves are changing their colours.. outumn is coming... yes yes I know. It has already came... Don't even remind me... I know that so far the weather is really good or rather extremely good... and I don't have any reasons to complain abaut and actually I should be happy abaut new season and new trends BUT!!!! it's still outumn and if we have outumn it means it's less days till winter, which I don't really like.... ok the end of complaining! To feel better I'm going this weekend to visit my friends in Greece. Can't wait. see ya in one week.

btw burgund colour bewitched me as well, as much as Crystal Fighters. I adore their album "Star of love", especially the song "Champion sound".

Have a nice day


Sweater - Asos- sh
Dress - Reserved
Bag - Blanco
Shoes - H&m
Necklace - H&m old one

sobota, 24 września 2011

I want summer back..


Shirt - found on the attic
Top - Mexx
Shorts - Berska
Belt - Lefties
Heels - Nine West
Bag - Sreet market
Bracelets - Sreet market

czwartek, 15 września 2011

Home sweet home..

Saying goodbye to Madrid in June I didn't know that this is not the end of my adventure with Spain.....  but then... crazy idea + crazy people = I stayed in Spain till the end of August :)) Now I'm back, full of energy new ideas, plans and goals. I wanted to show U some picks taken a few days ago... Have a great evening xx


Blouse - local shop
Skirt - Zara
Bag - Spriengfield
Shoes - H&M

środa, 8 czerwca 2011

Hasta luego Madrid... mi Madrid...

I wasn't really active at my blog during last 4 months... actually i wasn't active at all... I'm really sorry but i was busy... but I was busy in every positive meaning of this word u can imagine.... Madrid absorbed my so much that I forgot abaut the whole world... Madrid and my new life there..... Last 4 months were one of the best times in my life.... I discovered adorable places... cafes, bookstores, parks, streetmarkets..... I'm gonna miss Plaza de Espana, Puerta del Sol - crowded 24 hours per day :)) Retiro, Malasana, Templo de Debod and rastro on every sunday......I met wonderful people who were like a family for me there... i'm gonna miss our crazy trips, lovely picknicks, insane botellons and lovely evenings on Jorgo's terazza.... but the most important thing is that I discovered myself there.... I've changed and my attitude to many things has changed as well, I'm a different person now... and I'm really happy with that...
Last two weeks which I've spent in Madrid were like magic.... Especially last days were crazy... everybody could fill it in the air that the time to say goodbye is coming and coming.... and despite the fact that everyone was busy we 're trying to spent every free minute all together... even if it was just a coffe at one of the cafes in malasana...
I'm gonna miss all of U guys... lova ya so much... that's why i'm saying hasta luego... not good bye :))

Here is my latest obsession.... :) This song will always remind my my last days in Madrid, especially last sunday evening... lov ya guys :*

Mt Eden Dubstep - Sierra Leone

An here my latest inspirations....

                           Żrodło: http://www.google.com/imgres?imgurl=http://us.12





piątek, 4 lutego 2011

Hola Madrid!

So... here I am.... New place, new friends, new life.... so far so good :) Just a short post to show U guys a few picks from Paris... Thank U for an amazing weekend  P :*
besos and have a nice weekend!

                                                                  jacket - Terranova
                                                                  wedges - allegro
                                                                    top- Reserved
                                                                    jeans -DKNY
                                                                 gloves - Reserved
                                                                   scarf -Top Secret

poniedziałek, 17 stycznia 2011

Is it spring?

Oh weather was great today. It wasn't sunny but it was warm and there was something in the air... it's difficult to describe it but  I felt like... spring is coming! yupi! I know you think I'm crazy, I know that there is at least 1 month of winter left... but  from today I'm waiting for spring and spring trends :)) Here my first spring inspiration... Anna Sui spring summer 2011

Anna Sui Spring Summer 2011 collection

Anna Sui SS 2011

Anna Sui Summer 2011

Btw.. in one week I'm moving to Madrid for a couple of months... Have you ever been to Madrid? I'll be grateful for all your advices abaut interesting places, cafes, shops, bookstores etc.
 I think I should start packing now.... aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! what to take if you're going for 5 months? everything? :))