poniedziałek, 28 maja 2012

Yes, I do love Converse!  They are the most comfortable shoes I have ever had... and they always so trendy. I guess noby needs any encouragemn to wear them but u probably noticed that a few weeks ago  Converse started an adveritising  capaign  which I really like. It's simple, colourful and it attracts people's attention.

On Converse weg page u can even design your own shoes. U can choose everything the colours, prints etc.


I'm not sure if I told ya how much do I adore streets markets... Muy favourite one is Rastro in Madrid :) But I like the one in Warsaw too :)) The whole atmosphere is so great there.. that excitement because u never know what u gonna find.... an old book, vintage bag, jewellery, a picture or a record... can't wait  next time ;)

Shoes- Converse
Jacket - New Yorker
Shirt- H&M
Blouse - Zara
Headphones- Benetton
Bag - Blanco
Earrings- Primark


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  1. uwielbiam koszule w kratę! dziękuję za odwiedziny:)